Formal Dress and Evening Gowns

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Another challenging and interesting garments to create are formal dresses, cocktail dresses and evening gowns. These dresses are usually worn in almost all formal occasions. It is like the universal type of garment that can be easily pulled-out of the closet for immediate attire needs in emergency occasions. These dresses must be of universal design and neutral color, simple and elegant. 

For formal dresses, women usually choose a design that fits their preferences and personality. We make sure to just do that, considering the important aspects of a dress which is comfort, fit, wear ability and color. The formal dress design should be simple yet elegant enough to always match the formal occasion theme. Elegance is something we maintain. After all, formal dresses should always come in style and grace. We believe that elegance of the formal dress adds up to sophistication that we make designs naturally attached to the dress. 



And in our journey to couture, we enjoyed much making a new fabric out of a fabric to give a unique touch to the dress, making it different from the others. This we will be showcasing in our upcoming creations. 

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