Formal Gown, Prom Dress and Bride's Maid Dresses

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Women of today are getting more and more fashionable. One reason why there are so many fashion shows both at the runway or on television.  You can now find numerous fashion shops at the malls as well as online, that It is now harder for fashion designers and stylists to be different so one can be known and eventually stay in the business. 

In this industry, it is usually believed that it is more worthwhile to make formal gowns such as wedding gowns, bridesmaids dresses, prom dresses and other men’s formal wear.  Since formal gowns are now being preferred by women for special occasions, a lot of fashion houses are making gowns of various designs and prices.  Some rather pricey yet made of high-quality fabric accented with intricate designs which mostly are hand-made. Some affordable and made of mid-quality fabrics (mostly from China) and there are those very cheap ones although not high in quality and durability. It all depends on the preference of the buyer. Others would not want to invest on expensive formal gowns as these will be worn at least only once and there are those who prefer a rather expensive garment.


In our fashion house, we make our formal gowns and formal men’s wear, durable, fashionable, affordable and worth the price.  I had personally had experience in creating very low-priced gowns for some of my previous customers and indeed, problems were encountered.  A customer will always demand for good quality and affordability.  That is why all concerns in quality, fabric and price should always be discussed with them. And since we believe in quality, we intend to maintain it in all our creations

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